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West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson (Premiering July 8, 2022)

July 8, 2022 is the 105th anniversary of the mysterious death of Tom Thomson, one of Canada’s most beloved painters. Join us for a screening of the film which includes access to bonus content that includes a discussion with the director and an expert on Tom Thomson.

Loreena McKennitt — Concert for Ukraine

Support Ukrainian resettlement efforts by purchasing a ticket to Loreena McKennitt’s performance at the Concert for Peace recorded live at London’s Aeolian Hall. Net proceeds from all ticket sales go to the charity Loreena supports.

Strings for Ages 7-9

This digital mini-concert aimed at children aged 7 -9 features a string quintet from the Stratford Symphony Orchestra, celebrating the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Strings for Ages 4 – 6

What does Lego have in common with symphony music? Find out in this digital mini-concert featuring members of the string section of the Stratford Symphony Orchestra.

Wind for Ages 7 – 9

In this digital mini-concert, we explore the colours that make up the wind section of a symphony orchestra.

Wind Quintet for Ages 4-6

Members of the wind section of the Stratford Symphony Orchestra have some fun as they play a game of “Guess the Instrument” in this educational concert aimed at 4 – 6 year-olds. This concerts features a selection of memorable pieces including The Neapolitan Song, I Danced with a Mosquito and the Doll’s Waltz

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Experience Macbeth in VR

Don your VR headset and dive into the middle of one of William Shakespeare’s most memorable scenes – Act 2, Scene 2 from Macbeth – the “Dagger” scene.

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