Syrian Serenade

A musical experience from the Stratford Symphony Orchestra’s Classical Brunch series. Enjoy this performance of Syrian folk songs (with on-screen captions) with Samir Azar on Oud, Jawad Azar on Buzuq and percussion and Rouba Nazir Battikh on vocals.

Strings for Ages 7-9

This digital mini-concert aimed at children aged 7 -9 features a string quintet from the Stratford Symphony Orchestra, celebrating the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Strings for Ages 4 – 6

What does Lego have in common with symphony music? Find out in this digital mini-concert featuring members of the string section of the Stratford Symphony Orchestra.

Wind for Ages 7 – 9

In this digital mini-concert, we explore the colours that make up the wind section of a symphony orchestra.

Wind Quintet for Ages 4-6

Members of the wind section of the Stratford Symphony Orchestra have some fun as they play a game of “Guess the Instrument” in this educational concert aimed at 4 – 6 year-olds. This concerts features a selection of memorable pieces including The Neapolitan Song, I Danced with a Mosquito and the Doll’s Waltz

The Tuba — Tuba Time

In this digital mini-concert we explore the biggest and lowest instrument of the symphony orchestra, the tuba!