Previously Released: SSO to-go Season 1: Music in The Round

Imagine you are in Venice’s San Marco Basilica, everything is lit by candles, and you are surrounded by the beautiful sounds of brass! Our opening program shines a spotlight on the SSO brass section, in partnership with the London based ensemble Brassroots.  Featuring music by Antonio Vivaldi, Giovanni Gabrieli, Paul Dukas and Scott Irvine.  Also featuring the SSO’s own Julie Vaughan and Kevin Swinden!

The glorious sound of Brass!

Previously Released: SSO to-go Season 1: Harmoniemusik

In the late 18th century it was fashionable for nobles in German-speaking lands to employ a harmonie. These small house bands provided music at dinner, evening serenades and even morning music for guests to wake up to! Featuring the SSO woodwinds performing works of Mozart and Beethoven!